Rockville, Maryland
MARCH 4, 2009 8:30-5:00

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8:15-9:00        Registration, refreshments, view exhibit tables


9:00-9:25        Initial Remarks and Welcome, Mojdeh Bahar, Moderator


      Dr. Mel Bernstein, Vice President for Research, University of MD 


      Isiah Leggett, Montgomery County Executive 


       Jim Dinegar, President & CEO, Greater Washington Board of Trade


9:30-10:15      Role of Bioinformatics in Mission Success, Mojdeh Bahar, Moderator


      Dr. Mihai Pop, University of Maryland,  Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Biomolecular Sciences
 "Keeping up with DNA Technologies" PDF 1MB


      Dr. Ross Michaels, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Biometrics Clients/Image Group/Information Access Division
"Biometrics Activities at NIST"


      Dr. Brian Fitzgerald, , Deputy Division Director, Division of Electrical & Software Engineering, FDA
"Bioinformatics in mission success FDA-CDRH",


10:15-10:30    Break, exhibit tables, network with speakers


10:30-11:00    Diagnostics/Biomarkers, Terry Lynch, Moderator


      Dr. Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Chief Scientific Officer, Immune Tolerance Network
"Biomarker Studies in Clinical Trials" 


      Dr. Barbara Mittleman, Director, Public Private Partnerships Office of Director, NIH
"Public Private Partnerships at the NIH; The Biomarkers Consortium (BC)" PPT 1MB


11:00-11:30    Biosimulation/Modeling, John Emond, Moderator     


      Dr. Aditya Polsani, Industry Liaison, Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering Program


      Dr. Michael New, Astrobiologist, NASA Headquarters
"Bioinformatics at NASA" PPT 1.6MB


11:30-12:00    Bioinformatics in Health Care, Tom Stackhouse, Moderator


      Dr. Rob Griesbach, Technology Transfer Coordinator, Beltsville ARS, USDA
"U.S. Dept. Agriculture Agricultural Research Service" PPT 1.5MB


      Dr. Ken Buetow, Associate Director, Bioinformatics & Information Technology, National Cancer Institute, NIH
"Building a 21st Century Biomedical System: the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid"  PPT 12.7MB


12:00-1:00      Lunch, networking, exhibits    


1:00-2:00        Bioinformatics and Homeland Security, Ron Kaese, Moderator


      Dr. Kevin OConnell, Biotechnology Analyst, InQTel, Inc.


      Dr. James Burans, Associate Laboratory Director, National Bioforensic Analysis Center.   


      Dr. Sofi Ibrahim, USAMRIID


2:00-2:30        Computational Analysis, Clara Asmail, Moderator


      Dr. William Douglas Figg, Head of the Molecular Pharmacology Section and the Clinical Pharmacology Program within the Medical Oncology Branch, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health
"A Summary of Patents Filed by the Figg Laboratory"


      Mr. Alden Dima, Computer Scientist and Project Leader, Information Technology Laboratory Computational Biology Project, NIST
"Computational Biology: A Measurement Perspective" PPT 8.3MB


2:30~2:50        Elevator Speeches in Bioinformatics, Sally Sternbach, Moderator


      Mike Pollard, Discovery Logic
"Science Management, Analytics and Research Tools"  PPT 4.4MB

      Hilda Maibach, Clinstats Data Group
"Three Traps to Avoid & Bioinformatics Advantage" PPT 280KB
"Three Things that People Think about Statistics that Could Hurt Them"  PPT 280MB

      Dr. Paul Nission, 2020 Gene Systems
"Bioinformatics Forum- UMD Shady Grove Campus, March 4th, 2009" PDF 2.1MB

      Synaptic Science LLC


2:50-3:00        Break, networking, visit exhibit tables


3:00-4:00        Resources for Bioinformatics, Steve Walker, Moderator


      Todd Merchak, Program Manager, SBIR/STTR, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging & Bioengineering, NIH
"Bioinformatics Opportunities NIH SBIR/STTR"  PPT 11.1MB


      Ron Kaese, Senior Program Manager, Federal Lab Partnerships, Maryland Technology Development Company (TEDCO)
"TEDCO Seed Funding for Technology Development" PPT 600KB


      Dr. Srini Mirmira, Red Shift Ventures


4:00-5:00        Closing Remarks, general networking, exhibit tables, refreshments  

5:00                 Adjourn


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