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In addition to the federal agency’s contribution to education through the Department of Education and through a multitude of funding programs, including NSF, and in addition to R&D on technologies to assist training and education, most of the federal labs engage in projects and programs that support learning in schools, universities and their own agencies.  These programs and projects come in many forms, including educational partnerships, fellowships, summer research appointments, post-doctoral positions, in-house seminars, guest researcher initiatives, student volunteer programs, tours, job shadowing days, sponsorship of selected educational activities, HBCU programs, apprenticeships, young faculty investigator programs and in-house academic programs.  Most of these initiatives are described on the websites of the individual agencies and laboratories.

Chief Science Officer (CSO) Development Course

The FLC Mid-Atlantic Region is pleased to present Montgomery College's CSO Management Training Modules. This 36-hour series is a CSO boot camp with outstanding faculty and industry guest speakers. The course will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to move up the career ladder from research into scientific management and leadership in the federal, academic, or commercial sectors. Send a signal to hiring managers that you are prepared for a scientific management career by adding this 36-hour course and certificate of completion to your résumé.

Scholarships available for postdocs who are employed by any of the federal laboratories and within one year of leaving the agency to seek full-time employment. Partial scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Watch the brief video below or at this link about the CSO Development Course.

Click here to visit the Montgomery College website for more information about this series.

In the Mid-Atlantic area, representative federal lab initiatives include:

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Special projects between the labs and the educational community are often handled through an “Educational Partnership Agreement.”  Click here to see a boiler-plate, model EPA.

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