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Most federal labs have intellectual property (IP) that they are willing to license to the private sector.  Oftentimes, the IP has been patented and the labs have produced summaries that they post on their websites.  A potential licensee can scan the website postings, find items of potential interest, and contact the technology transfer officers of the lab to start a process of in-depth investigation that can result in acquisition of legal rights to the IP.  It is important to note that the labs may have far more accessible expertise, capabilities and IP than are represented by the patents.  A potential licensee should view the listed patents as large hints about treasures that may lay beyond.  The additional IP may be discovered through conversations with the technology transfer agents and scientists at the labs.

Some dream for a constantly up-to-date, comprehensive, single source for discovering all available technologies, expertise and facilities within the federal government.  Such a source does not exist; however, there are initiatives to provide central sources for entire agencies.  For example, the central point of reference for all 100 labs belonging to the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service is www.ars.usda.gov  The Department of Defense provides centralized access points at www.dodtechmatch.com  and www.techlink.org.  All of the EPA labs are represented at www.epatechmatch.com.  First responder technologies are accumulated at www.dodfirstlink.com.

A number of information gathering and commercial technology brokering organizations have accumulated thousands of government technologies from many of the agencies.  They are combined with technologies from commercial and academic sources and presented on the web for identification by potential licensees.  Representative of these websites are:


Free Patents Online

Next Techs Technologies

Ocean Tomo

Technology Transfer Offices

Techquisition is a free online community of technology buyers and sellers.  Sponsored by NIH Office of Technology Transfer.






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