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2006 National Annual Meeting

FLC Green Book FLC MAR 2009 Annual Meeting
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Acronyms FLC MAR 2006 Annual Meeting
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SSTI Analysis of Federal Budget

FLC MAR 2004 Annual Meeting

Video from 2006 Annual Meeting

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Keynote Speaker James Woolsey, Booz, Allen & Hamilton
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Keynote Speaker Heath Calhoun, Wounded Warfighter

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Assistive Technologies Section
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Hot Technologies/Hot Partnership Contest
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Model Agreements

Army, Navy and Air Force Model CRADAs
www.dtic.mil/techtransit, then drill into the Reference Room

NIH Models: Material Transfer, CRADA, Confidentiality and Licensing Agreements

Space Act Agreements

This unique authority granted under the 1958 Space Act defines and addresses roles, responsibilities, reimbursement issues, IP ownership issues and more.  It limits services to the commercial sector to those that are not available commercially.  They are the most often-used agreement mechanisms between NASA and industry.

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